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Before They Get Stale: Amy Poehler, Jon Friedman and Bill Hicks Russell Peters: Red, White and Brown
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Earlier today, the official blog of everyone living in Boston, posted an Aziz Ansari interview from The Boston Globe. Usually this wouldn't be worth posting, because Aziz does like twenty million funny interviews a day, and that's why God created Before They Get Stales (ED NOTE: God did not create Before They Get Stales. It evolved over millions of years).

But this time Aziz said something that caused complete controversy:

Q. So we won't see you 10 years from now accepting an Oscar for your work in a war film?

A. No. But I could see myself becoming a straight-up action star like Jason Statham. I just want to put that out there for whoever makes those movies: I'm down to take over the "Transporter" franchise.

Did I say complete controversy? I meant to say extremely mild controversy. Actually, what I meant to say is this was briefly mentioned on a Jason Statham fan blog, categorizing it as a non controversy that is mildly interesting.

Dream on, Aziz!  As if!  Jason’s the only actor who could keep the ‘Transporter’ series going.  He’s the only one who can play Frank.

Yeah, Jason Statham is the only actor who could possibly play a character as unique and interesting as Frank. His character's name is Frank? That doesn't sound like the name of a transporter. It sounds like the name of a Fed Ex guy… which is kind of like a transporter. Also, there are Jason Statham fan blogs? Okay. I accept everything mentioned thus far.

But the Jason Statham fan blog does have one fact I don't accept:

 ”In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale” has been nominated for some Razzie Awards…  We

all know that Jason was the best part of the film and, probably the only reason why most of us went to see it.

Someone actually went to go see that movie? I find that highly implausible.

Might I add, I usually wouldn't post something this inconsequential, since the Statham blog and Aziz are both obviously kidding around, but today is a slow comedy news day, and I'm a little sick. At least this is fun kidding around. Also, I'm still not 100% sure they are both kidding around.

[Via Aziz is Bored]

Click after the jump to see a photoshop I made because I was bored!

Because I'm sick and working from home, I'm bored. This obviously means I photoshopped Aziz's head to a Transporter poster. Obviously.

Transporter copy 

I just realized I'm jealous of Aziz. It has always been my lifelong dream to have complete strangers photoshop my head onto mindless action film posters, and now I'm realizing it for someone other than me.




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