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Colbert Interviews Paul McCartney The Presidential Oath Is Harder Than Riemann's Hypothesis (or Some Other Nerd Stuff That I'm Not Actually Smart Enough to Understand)
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I always wondered if the guys behind Best Week Ever are "held to different standards than Tool Academy…" [The Comic's Comic]

The best title they could come up with was The Office A XXX Parody? What about The Orifice? [Best Week Ever]

Lisa Lampanelli says, “If you took any of [my material], a guy could do those jokes." [Buffalo News]

Jon Glaser's new show is about a family in witness protection who wear ski masks and star in a reality show. Still not as weird an upbringing as growing up in Florida. [Videogum]

Yesterday, I told you about the Aziz/Jason Statham nontroversy, but a Stathamite was able to "crank" (Sorry!) more out of it than I. [Stathamology]

Adam Sandler might have a cameo playing the Green Hornet's arch nemesis, the Cable Guy. [/film]

Scott Rogowsky makes comedy for sports fans. Why didn't we think of that?! [The Comic's Comic]

At first, I thought this giraffe was the happiest picture of the day, but Tracy Morgan proved me wrong. [Jezebel]



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