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Mo Rocca Demonstrates Proper Shirt Removal Technique Does This Redesign Make Me Look Fat?
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This is the internet, so we all pretend we watch every amazing new show like Mad Men, The Wire, and Lost. But just for a second, let's all stop being polite and start getting real. I never saw The Wire. I was simply too busy watching Nanny 911. If I tuned in to a current episode of Lost, it would be I who would be lost indeed (high five on that last sentence!). But as an actual loyal viewer of Mad Men, I can still look down on everyone who hasn't seen all of it and condescendingly say, "Oh, man, you are in for a big treat," when what I really mean to say is, "I am way better than you."

If you get all the references in this Mad Men parody video, you are clearly better than the people who don't.



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