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Nancy Cartwright Pimps Bart Simpson for Scientology Call Before They Get Stale: Amy Poehler, Jon Friedman and Bill Hicks
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SF Weekly dispensed a true fan to cover The State's reunion show during the past weekend's Sketch Fest. Apart from not-quite comparisons to Eagles and Wu-Tang Clan (does that make Michael Ian Black the Ol' Dirty Bastard/Big Baby Jesus of the group?), the report has some choice photos and recounts, as well as battle-earned insights on "the biz" from the Q&A:

They also filled in details on their departure from MTV, as they were never canceled, but left to flirt with the possibility of a prime time slot on a major network. Talks with ABC never quite panned out, and a tentative deal with CBS would give way to more geriatric programming. Most of them admitted to being "arrogant assholes back then," with Robert Ben Garant passing the sagely advice, "If you get a job in television, don't quit it."

There's also a telling KISS allusion and the best joke you'll hear about Christopher Columbus. Better than your average had-to-be-there!



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