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The Daily Show's Best Football Moments Meet Demetri Martin and John Oliver at the SoHo Apple Store
by | comments:

If you haven't seen Wonder Glen yet, where have you been, under a rock? How do you get the internet under your rock, by the way? Is it a wi-fi enabled rock or are you still using dial-up where you live under your rock?

Wonder Glen is a masterful parody of a reality television production company's site. It includes sample work, sizzle reels, as well as memos, insurance forms, and more. It's amazingly thorough and downright exhausting to explore (Ugh! Exploring hilarious web sites is so exhausting. I need a vacation!)

We've all known for awhile now that Wonder Glen was the brainchild of Ben Karlin, former senior editor of The Onion and executive producer of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but now he speaks up about his intentions in creating the innovative satirical site as well as it's future

It’s definitely either a terrible idea, or so ahead of its time that it might take several generations to appreciate it… It started with the simple idea that I was going to be doing stuff for HBO, and I wanted to do some stuff for the Web as well. I thought, well, what if I took some of the TV stuff I was developing and created this intranet site… so [LA executives] could see samples of what I was working on… A development platform, basically…

The thing that it started out for, to show HBO our work, ended up getting scrapped, and we said ‘Let’s do a comedy site, and maybe some of this stuff we do will have a life in some capacity…' the conversation about having it function as an actual platform for actual people kind of went away.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

To read my rant and rave about the interview, Wonder Glen, and about the internet, please follow after the jump.

Reading about Wonder Glen, the thing I find most impressive is, contrary to my early suspicions, it exists in it's own universe. It is not marketing for some future project. I'm not secretly getting Levi's jeans sold to my subconscious or whatever. It's using a new medium as a vehicle for comedy, and exploring it's potential…

What we are trying to do with this site is make it something that is wholly organic to the Web—a comedy experience… It’s probably going to take some time before someone cracks the nut of a wholly immersive site that is both a destination site… where 90 percent of our content is seen not on the home site but elsewhere.

Ben Karlin ends the 4 page interview explaining exactly what his mission was in creating the site.

…The point of reference we have for this is things like TV shows and things like lonelygirl15 that are focused on this one thing, video. I didn’t want to do something that has one flavor… I wanted the site to have so much breadth that it is ultimately a commentary on the entire Internet. That’s ridiculously ambitious, probably too ambitious…

The rest of the interview is pretty long and thorough, but fascinating nonetheless.

What really strikes through is how little of the internet's future has been explored. It's such a new medium, and Wonder Glen is an amazing experiment. To be frank, I'm not sure if it all works. It's nearly impossible to follow every rabbit hole that site offers. Like I said, the depths of this site make my job EXHAUSTING! I need approximately ten naps now.

But it's got to be genius if it brings about something as awesome as this

Okay, now that I'm done exploring Wonder Glen, I'm just going to zonk out and watch videos of kittens on roombas.



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