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Happy Presidents Day! Jonah Hill Sells The Adventurer's Handbook to Universal For Lots
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Is Jason Schwartzman playing the last evil ex-boyfriend in the upcoming Scott Pilgrim movie? More importantly, will he be returning for Rushmore 2: Mall Cop? [/film]

Margaret Cho calls Miley Cyrus a disgrace for making fun of Asian stereotypes. In Miley's defense, she's only 16, and weren't we all extremely racist at that age? Oh, wait, we weren't. Carry on. [NY Daily News]

Derek Waters says we might see Drunk History on TV sometime in July. [The Sound of Young America]

Believe it or not, Joaquin Phoenix is not the first person to be crazy on Late Show with David Letterman. I do genuinely feel bad about about the Harvey Pekar one because I think he's great. [Comic's Comic]

Are you planning on appearing as a guest on The Daily Show anytime soon? If so, here's some advice. [OUP Blog]

I'm really concerned for Jackie Mason. He barely stops to breath in his vlog. At least he's doing important work by slamming Starbucks. [Videogum]

Whoever said Hollywood was all out of ideas was wrong. They still haven't made this movie. [Funny or Die]

Here's a making-of for Eastbound and Down. Any show that's titled after a song from Smokey and the Bandit has to be amazing, right? [Comic's Comic]



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