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Pete Lee and Rebecca Corry Tell Secret Jokes, Make Their Grandparents Cry The Comedy Store Is Haunted by G-G-Ghosts!
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Everyone's talkin' about Conan O'Brien leaving New York. He's as iconic as the Statue of Liberty, and only slightly shorter. [Videogum, MTV Newsroom, Gothamist, Comic's Comic]

Jimmy Fallon says he's received the passed down advice from Johnny Carson, "With this show, you'll use everything you know." [The Apiary]

Lorne Michaels talks about his late show machinations. He reminds me of a cavalier and proud Zeus, except with more money. [Variety]

Here's the trailer to Funny People. I just caught this last minute before posting this, so just pretend I wrote something HYSTERICAL about it. [/film]

Can I stop referring to NBC's upcoming sitcom as Amy Poehler's new show and call it Parks and Recreation? Are we on a first name basis yet? How about if I call it Mrs. Parks and Recreation? [E! Online]

Michael Ian Black has a bone to pick with Hamilton College's humor publication The Duel Observer. What would college be without an unfunny and slightly racist humor publication? [Hamilton College]

30 Rock's Katrina Bowden talks about working with Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey at such a young age. I am both enamored and incredibly jealous of her. I am considering wearing a wig and replacing her on the show. [Rick and Nob]

Eugene Mirman spent fifty years on his book. "Two of those years were 'human years' and the rest were fruit fly years, or about an hour and a half. So… about two years plus an hour and a half or so." [Jumbo Dump]

If it wasn't for stand up, Louis C.K. would be homeless, "Everything else I've ever done has been related to stand-up. When I got into movies…. When I got into writing, it was because of stand-up." [TH Online]

Get to know "the least-known writer of hysterical light verse in the United States," Frank Jacobs of MAD Magazine. [Burbank Leader]

The Sound of Young America talks to How's Your News? guys Arthur Bradford and Jeremy Vest. [Maximum Fun]



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