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Before They Get Stale: Conan O'Brien, Amy Poehler and Louis C.K. Greer Barnes and Red Grant Make Their Comedy Central Debuts Tonight on Comedy Central Presents
by | comments:

If you are a skeptic like me, you will no doubt immediately dismiss any rumors of hauntings, ghosts, and other paranormal poppycock associated with this article about the legendary Comedy Store.

The Sunset Strip has long been known as the playground of the stars… The most popular rendezvous, Ciro’s, opened in 1940. Today, it is called the Comedy Store, world-famous laugh club; but late at night, the ghosts of Ciro’s rule the roost.

Holy shit! This ghost story is entirely plausible and believable. I'm sold. Sold and oh so very scared.

One of the young women would open the room, light candles… Five minutes later, she’d return to find the candles out…

Clark rushed upstairs when he heard the piano… As soon as he unlocked the door, the noise stopped… As he turned to leave, he heard it again… just a playful spirit with a tin ear having a laugh.

Get out the room, Clark! Get out the room! That ghost is gonna blow out some candles and play some shitty piano any second!

…we called the parapsychology department at UCLA in the summer of 1982. The moment [Dr. Barry Taff] entered the basement, Taff fell to the ground, struck with agonizing pain in his legs. His powerful psychic ability tapped into excruciating pain…

In that case, next time I get a cramp from totally doing it for hours on end (or from just, you know, walking more than 10 feet), I'm gonna claim psychic ability manifestation.

[via Comedy News]

After the jump, I reveal an exclusive picture of the Comedy Store ghost.

Run! It's the ghost of Comedy Store alum Gallagher's career!



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