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Collective Comedy Returns February 26 Colbert Dials Up the 1997 Internet
by | comments:

First there were the ubiquitous comparisons of Sarah Palin to Tina Fey, and now, the day after Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's response to President Obama's address, all anyone can talk about is how much he sounded and acted like Kenneth from 30 Rock.

So, I got to wondering which other Republicans have 30 Rock counterparts. Here are the results of my scientific study.

Tracy Jordan and Rush Limbaugh
Similarities: Always on drugs, bad for the black community

Jack Donaghy and Jeb Bush
Overbearing mother, will never have the top job at his company

Jenna Maroney and Cindy McCain

Similarities: Blond, vain, plasters on makeup like a trollop

Frank Rossitano and Ted Nugent

Similarities: Awesome hats, would gladly nail a cougar

Grizz & Dot-Com and Dick Cheney & Alberto Gonzales
Smarter than their boss, secretly in love



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