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Why Can't Women Drive? Because They Are Forbidden By Law Employee of the Month Premieres Sunday
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A few weeks ago I asked readers to tell us which comedy-related Twitters were their favorites. Since Louis CK joined the fray yesterday, I thought it was a good opportunity to pull together all of the suggestions I've since received.

So, here now is probably the closest thing to a complete list of Twitters maintained by comedians, comedy websites and funny people you're going to find.

A few of them haven't been updated in months, some are updated several times an hour, but all are essential to anyone who wants to be kept abreast of his or her favorite comedian's bowel movements.

We begin with some shameless self-promotion…

CC Insider


Producer Andrew



Stephen Colbert

John Hodgman

Paul F. Tompkins

Todd Barry

Louis CK

Michael Ian Black

Eugene Mirman

Michael Showalter

David Wain

Rob Huebel

Steve Agee

Nick Thune

Tim Heidecker

Aisha Tyler

Kyle Cease

Jimmy Fallon

John Cleese

Paul Scheer

Mike Birbiglia

Bo Burnham

Larry David

Dane Cook

Kevin Pollak

Jimmy Kimmel

Max Silvestri

Jake and Amir

John Aboud

Chris Hardwick

Mike Phirman

AD Miles

Todd Levin

Jason Woliner

Jen Kirkman

Morgan Murphy

Whitest Kids U Know

Kirk Fox

Dan Cummins

Josh Sneed

Mitch Fatel

Ted Alexandro

Anthony Jeselnik

Dave Hill

Penn Jillette

Doug Benson

Robert Kelly

Julie Klausner

Sean Crespo

Stacey Woods

Matt Ruby

Jon Friedman

Mark Malkoff

Miles Kahn

Rob Kutner

Jim Gaffigan

Rachel Dratch

Rob Corddry

Patrick Borelli

Eddie Ifft

Arj Barker

Websites, Publications and Venues


My Damn Channel


The Onion


The Sound of Young America

Punchline Magazine

Dead Frog

The Apiary

Rooftop Comedy

Funny or Die

92Y Tribeca


All Comedy


A Tight 5ive

The Comic's Comic

College Humor

Comics Vs. Audience

Live Comedy L.A.

Comedy Juice

Seattle Comedy Blog

YouTube Reviewed

Nashville Standup

SF Standup

Comedy News

Comedy Nerds

Funny Celebrities

Rainn Wilson

Kevin Smith

Diablo Cody

MC Hammer

Tom Scharpling

James Gunn


Notorious BIG

David Lynch

Jonathan Coulton


William Shatner



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