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Jimmy Fallon is Going to Do Late Night on Uppers Traditional Sitcoms Still Rule the Airwaves After All
by | comments:

Comedians are notoriously lazy. While most people are waking up at 7 am, spending their day filing the files their bosses want them to file (That's what you do in an office right?), most comedians wake up at 1 pm and spend their day jerking off to The Jerk. But not this guy.

A COMEDIAN from Clevedon will attempt to tell hundreds of jokes in one hour to break a world record and raise money for Comic Relief.

Kevin F Sutherland, who writes and draws for The Beano, will attempt the record-breaking feat on Wednesday, March 11, in front of an invited audience at the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, which he created…

He writes and draws The Beano (a weird comic from England apparently), created a falsetto sock puppet theater (BTW, England is weird), and is now trying to break the record for most jokes told in an hour. This guy is almost kooky enough to be a quirky uncle in an upcoming indie movie.

The current record for telling the most jokes is held by the Australian comic Anthony Lehmann, who told 549 in 60 minutes in May 2005…

World record adjudicators will be in the audience to check that every joke receives a laugh.

Any that don't will not be counted in the record attempt.

"No pressure, Kevin, old chap. We're just gonna sit in the sidelines and penalize you for every failed joke. Break a bloody leg, bloke, cheerio."

"I'm trying to do 600 in 60 minutes – that's 10 in a minute, or one every six seconds."

I can't even write a joke that can be told in six seconds. Although I was able to write an amazing short story in six words. "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

I just came up with that all by myself just now. I didn't plagiarize it at all.

After the jump, I have an exclusive first look at Kevin F. Sutherland's stand-up set.



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