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Before They Get Stale: Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd and Tenacious D An Homage to Rush
by | comments:

There are a lot of great things about living in New York. The best part is there's amazing comedy everywhere. The second best part is there are tons of great films premiering all over the place. New York is especially amazing when those two things come together to form a perfect storm of greatness.

That's a pretty good segue into what I did last night. I went to see Derrick Comedy's new feature length movie Mystery Team. The screening was held in New York's Cinema Village, but there was a slight problem with the theater booking, so I had to attend a last minute extra screening held at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater.

Mystery Team was able to fill two planned screenings as well as one impromptu last minute showing of the film. Why hasn't this movie been picked up by a distributor yet? I'm no film distribution expert, but with Derrick Comedy's built-in fan base, at the very least, it will become the most profitable movie ever made.

The film stars Donald Glover, D.C. Pierson, and Dominic Dierkes as Jason, Duncan, and Charlie, three kid sleuths who've grown up and are at the cusp of adulthood. When a little girl asks for help solving her parents' murder, the Mystery Team enters the real world of drugs, sex, and murder. Aubrey Plaza, who like I've previously mentioned is poised to blow up (not literally), stars as the little girl's older sister.

Like with most great mystery films, the story is secondary to the characters and set pieces. There are some amazing scenes in a strip joint ("The stage is wet and smells like cold cuts"), a drug den ("With this economy maybe we shouldn't buy drugs. Maybe we should stick to renting drugs"), and a grocery store ("Aw, dude, did you fuck this bread?").

If you're jealous of me for seeing this awesome movie and you live in the LA area, don't be too jealous, because you can see it in the LA area on March 10 at the Clarity Theater.

If you don't live in LA and you missed the New York screening, then you should be jealous, because I am better than you.

After the jump, the trailer for Mystery Team.

Srsly, the movie will leave you like this:



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