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Rob Corddry Is Unemployed As a New Yorkah, I Saws Mystery Team Before All Youse Guys
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Jay Roach is going to direct Steve Carell and Paul Rudd in Dinner With Schmucks. [Variety]

Now you know there's a Museum of Comedy in Queens, you can finally enjoy comedy in a peaceful, fun setting rather than an alcohol fueled nightclub. Hurrah! [New York Times]

Just to give you guys a little bit of context on this Colbert Report clip, here's what started the Beer Pong herpes madness. [Banned in Hollywood]

While everyone asks who's watching the Watchmen, is anyone actually reading the Watchmen? The whole premise of this video made Alan Moore cry into his beard. [The Apiary]

Rob Riggle on his early stand-up, "You’re gonna get up there, and you’re gonna eat it, you’re gonna eat shit… But then out of that will come something." [Decider]

Here's what some famous sketches would look like if famous directors had helmed them. [UCB]

Tenacious D recorded volunteer tracks for David Fincher's upcoming Heavy Metal adaptation. If they're such big Fincher fans, why didn't they submit tracks to Benjamin Button? [Entertainment Weekly]

And finally, Robin Williams is having some health issues. Our thoughts go out to him and his family and we hope he gets well soon. Nanu Nanu (my love for Mork and Mindy made that reference obligatory). [Punchline]



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