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Comedy Central Orders Up Tosh.0 Before They Get Stale: Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd and Tenacious D
by | comments:

If a deep recession means more Rob Corddry on The Daily Show, I say bring on the coffee soup! SPOILER ALERT: Hot and cold running pussy is your favorite joke of the day.

Things are definitely tough all over. My state is actually closing in on 11% unemployment. I heard on the news the other day that lawyers and former-executives are competing for a $10/hour poop-scooping job without benefits. I'd make a joke about how they should have taken six years to eke out a C-average at a bottom-shelf public university and gotten a job watching The Daily Show in their underwear, but there won't be a bailout for the basic-cable comedy network blogging industry, so I'm not tempting fate.



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