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The Reason Terminators Travel Through Time Naked, Revealed 80 Yard Goal Makes Me Care About Soccer for Like Five Minutes
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From Indecision

CNBC's Mad Money host Jim Cramer and Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough are upset with Jon Stewart. Not just because he's been busy calling out Cramer and other NBC talking heads for their silly and/or embarrassing and/or stupid financial observations after their reporter Rick Santelli had a "Howard Beale moment" on the floor of the CME Group. Oh no. But because Cramer (and pretty much everyone who works at NBC) is a Democrat, and he's supposed to be on their side.

So, the appropriate response — at least as suggested by Joe Scarborough — is probably to follow Jon Stewart are around with a camera 24 hours a day and make fun of everything he does. Fair is fair, right?

Here's Cramer's self-defense op-ed.

Watch the latest offending clip from The Daily Show after the jump…

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