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They Tried to Make Denis Leary Go to Rehab, He Said No, No, No Jim Gaffigan Is the Vlogging King, Baby
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Was2228738Statler and Waldorf heckled Jason Segel on Late Night. Segel tells them they're "the oldest bromance." No way! Statler and Waldorf are a full-fledged romance. They've had more than just a hand inside them, ifyaknowwhatimean. [Late Night Blog]

Michaela Watkins basically sums up why anyone gets into comedy, "I wasn't going to get boys because I was pretty… If I could make people laugh, that was going to be where my money was." [Boston]

Rob Huebel reveals that all of the kids in Shutterbugs are in jail now. [Bloginity]

Horatio Sanz talks about his time on SNL, "When you first start… you're sure you're going to get fired… By the time you're getting comfortable and settled in, you have to start thinking about when to leave." [Jam Showbiz]

David Wain wants Jason Segel to dip into his pool. [David Wain]

When asked if it might be awkward for her one day to return to SNL to perform hosting duties, Amy Poehler stated, "Hell no! I'd be like, 'Shit. Mama's home!'" [Entertainment Weekly]

Dave Hill, Janeane Garofalo, Christian Finnegan, Baron Vaughn, and Jordan Carlos talk about the Internet. Internet? Never heard of it. [Dave Hill's Internet Explosion]

Rainn Wilson and James Gunn tweeted they are shopping a superhero film presumably directed by Gunn and starring Wilson. With Wilson's geek persona, I really hope they're adapting my favorite nerd/superhero, Herbie Popnecker. [Chud]

The Washington Post was okay with printing the words deep throat repeatedly in the 70's, but now it has to sanitize the hell out of Michael Ian Black's Fuck-It List. How the mighty have fallen. [Washington Post]



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