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New York Magazine ran a feature on ten new comedians who, while still not recognized on a national level, are kicking ass and taking names with comedy "taste-makers." I'm not really sure what New York Magazine meant by "taste-makers," but it's weird they didn't ask me which comedians should be on the list, because I basically sit around all day making tastes. I'm not a taste-maker, I'm a fucking taste-factory. There are so many tastes oozing forth from me, I'm like the Henry Ford of manufacturing tastes, except not anti-Semitic.

Anyway, they did a surprisingly good job without me. The complete list includes Carla Rhodes, Craig Baldo, Kumail Nanjiani, Sarah Schaefer, Reese Waters, Hannibal Buress, Claudio Cogan, Ophira Eisenberg, Desiree Burch, and Max Silvestri. Amongst these ten are some of my favorites performing in New York and Brooklyn. New York Magazine was even awesome enough to create a live show based around these ten and then create a video compilation of the night.

After the show, the comedians regrouped at New York Magazine's offices where they all gangbanged an interview.

Click after the jump for my favorite bits from the interview

I wasn't present for the live show, but Sarah Schaefer (who also happens to write for the very funny Late Night with Jimmy Fallon blog) utters the truest statement ever…

New York: So, how did you enjoy performing at 5:30 in the afternoon for a room full of other comedians?
Reese Waters: The idea was scary. But in reality it was okay.
Ophira Eisenberg: The fact that there was a stage and a mike made this better than a lot of gigs.
Sara Schaefer: Yeah—I think most of us have done shitty open-mikes that were way more awkward than this.

Basically, yeah. Nothing compares to the awkwardness of a shitty open-mike.

This is also the best thing ever…

NY: Does anyone care to share the bombiest bomb they ever endured?
Craig Baldo: I once did a gig on a cruise for eight hundred 80-year-olds from Ohio. And when you bomb the first night, then you’re stuck on a boat for a week with eight hundred 80-year-olds who hate you. I’d pass old women who’d say, “There he is, Harvey. There’s the comedian we hate.”

Seriously, guys, go see as many of these comedians as you can catch. Don't settle for just watching the embedded video clip above. In the immortal words of Bill O'Reilly, "Do it live." Trust me. They are hilarious.

You should also definitely read the rest of the interview here.



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