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Demetri Martin's Passive Aggressive Race Before They Get Stale: Jason Segel, Rainn Wilson and Michael Ian Black
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Anyone who knows me knows I eat oatmeal like it's going out of style. You probably didn't even know oatmeal was in style, did you? Well it is, but the way I'm eating it, it's as if it won't be for long. I don't know if oatmeal can be abused, but if it's possible, I'm headed there. So, if I ever go to rehab, it will probably be for oatmeal. And not black-tar heroin. I can quit that whenever I want. Either way, from this new Denis Leary video, rehab looks pretty fun.

Denis Leary and the Enablers' new single "At the Rehab" is available today from iTunes (link opens in iTunes). Click past the jump for an embeddable streaming-audio widget.



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