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The New York Times Hangs Out With Bob Saget for a Night Hygiene Tips from RENO 911!
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57157181Krod Mandoon's Sean Maguire and India de Beaufort will be playing Fable II on X-Box LIVE on April 23rd. I've never played Fable II, but I imagine it's a mixture between Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and this. [X-Box]

Paul Rudd dresses up as the planet earth. God might have the whole world in his hands, but he would drop it in a second if he could have the whole Paul Rudd in his hands instead. Psst, God has a Paul Rudd crush. Pass it on. [Videogum]

Kanye can't even go to Cheesecake Factory without fish sticks coming at him from all sides. Also, Kanye was at Cheesecake Factory? He's just like us, if by "us" I mean "old couples going out on sad dates." [Kanye's Blog]

If my parents actually loved me enough to take pictures of me growing up, I'm pretty sure I would now dominate this site. [Dork Yearbook]

Seth Rogen talks about comedy theory, "It’s impossible to laugh while there are tits around. In the 80s they can do it, but they can’t do it anymore…  But now, dicks are in! Dicks are the new tit." [Examiner]

Brian Regan talks about his clean comedy, "I don’t want to paint myself into a corner… I still like to have things that have an edge or a point of view to them, that aren’t necessarily for 11-year-olds." [Projo]

Krod Mandoon creator Peter Knight talks about his show, "“I hope that the one thing that people get out of it is the fun in the things that are not expected… This is more than being a fantasy show or a spoof.” [LA Times]

Bill Burr is blogging for the National Hockey League, but I won't understand it because if there's one thing I learned from old Comic View episodes, it's that since I'm a minority I'm sadly not interested in hockey. [Punchline]



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