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@steveagee Needs Your Help Workplace Conversation Tips from RENO 911!
by | comments:

picture-151Everything is being turned into a porno. In the past there have been Cosby Show and Munsters parody pornos. Just two days ago, we told you about the Seinfeld porno. Well, now there's a Happy Days porno (link NSFW) to go along with it, because I'm still not tired of reading about these…

Written and directed by award-winning director Axel Braun, Hustler’s This Ain’t Happy Days XXX gets to the heart and soul of what makes every teenage boy tick: smokin’-hot chicks! When Richie and the boys strike out with the ponytails, they turn to Fonzie to give them an education in coolness. Watch The Fonz work his magic with the ladies…including one you’d never expect!

The lady you'd never expect is Mrs. Cunningham. I think we can all agree that's obviously going to happen. Also, I really hope they change her name to Mrs. Cunnilingusham or Mrs. Cunninghandjob.

“I grew up worshiping the original show,” says Braun, “so I obviously had a strong emotional attachment to this project…and apparently so did everyone else involved. The level of commitment I got from the cast was just unbelievable: Tommy Gunn kept his trademark goatee off to play The Fonz, Alan Stafford dyed his hair a ridiculous strawberry blond to channel Richie, and Jack Lawrence even dyed his pubes orange to become Ralph!”

Tommy Gun shaved his trademark goatee just to play The Fonz?! Now that's some level of commitment! Other less committed actors would have kept their goatee and played The Fonz as an evil soap opera twin, but not Tommy Gun. He also shaved off his penis's goatee, because this man is a fucking professional.

Being a HUGE Happy Days fan, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to buy this DVD. This might mark the first porno that I watch beyond the 15 minute "done" mark.

Be sure to check out the trailer for the film over at The Daily What, where you can hear the clever changes to the Happy Days theme song lyrics, "One girl Sunday, Happy Days. Two girl Tuesdays, Happy Days. Threesome Friday, Happy Days!"



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