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Pilot Season with Sarah Silverman Top 8 Protest Moments from The Daily Show
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56827126In the upcoming film Brüno, Sacha Baron Cohen makes light of Madonna's adoption, and apparently, Madonna was offended by the film's parody of her Malawi adoption. So, Cohen is now attempting to apologize.

In the scene, Bruno pokes fun at Madonna's adoption of Malawi toddler David Banda. He collects an African baby out of luggage at an airport and then appears on US TV talk shows to defend the adoption

Madonna… found the gimmick in Cohen's new film 'Bruno' insensitive, reported Daily Mirror online..

No one let Madonna watch any late night monologues! She'll have a heart attack!

Cohen is friends with Madonna so he sent her a bouquet of flowers. But since they're both rich and famous, the flowers were probably made out of gold, or iPods, or, even more likely, adopted Malawian babies.

"Sacha is always out to make great comedy, and if he upsets people along the way, so be it. But when word reached him that Madonna thought his sketch was insensitive, he sent her a bouquet of flowers to say, 'No hard feelings'," a source close to Cohen told the newspaper.

Early speculation indicates that as the flowers whither with age, Madonna will send them through numerous treatments and surgeries to keep them as vibrant as they were at their peak. Unfortunately, no bees will pollinate the flowers, stating, "it's like pollinating with a piece of gristle."

Madonna actually appears in Brüno recording a Band Aid parody track, and, those with better memories will remember that back in 2000 (a million years ago practically), Cohen appeared, as his character Ali G, in Madonna's Music video .



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