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Amy Sedaris Writing New Book Mike Judge's New Show Is Bizarro King of the Hill
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D057834017.JPGChristopher Guest on the term "mockumentary": "It’s easy for a journalist to use it, because it’s one word, but that’s not how I would describe my documentary movies. I would say, 'I’ve written it in a documentary style,' but that’s three extra words and they don’t like to do that." [AV Club]

Wyatt Cenac wrote a comic book for Marvel. [AST]

I'm excited about a Roger Rabbit sequel. Mostly because I hope that dance move comes back. [MTV Movie Blog]

Patton Oswalt's Big Fan got a distributor. [Variety]

Sebastian Maniscalco says, "The Internet is definitely a great vehicle for comedians to get themselves out there." [Punchline]

A golf pro tested the effectiveness of the Happy Gilmore swing. Next up, he's going to see if pretending to be a dimwitted cajun can help a football team win. [Kottke]

Paula Abdul joins Ron Paul among the famous marks in Bruno… whom I've made out with. [Page Six]

"You just challenge yourself," Bill Burr says. "What do I want to do that scares the shit out of me?" [the comic's comic]



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