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Jenny Slate: Dead Millionaire Happy Mothers' Day from Jeff Dunham
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57275805Norm Macdonald was being amazing again on Late Show with David Letterman. [Videogum]

There's a new The Hangover trailer, heavily featuring Mike Tyson. The internet is already hard at work mashing this up with clips from Tyson. [/film]

The next Wolverine movie has already been leaked online, but don't judge it too harshly based on this work print. They are planning to digitally insert more screening into the final version. [The Daily What]

There's a new internet meme sweeping the globe. Well, not the globe, but the small part of the globe that spends way too much time online. Play me off, keyboard cat. [CNN]

Aasif Mandvi interviewed about playing a detainee in the courtroom drama, The Response. [Politico]

Spinal Tap released a new song called "Back From the Dead." The band thinks it will change people's minds, "When people hear this, they'll think, 'This sounds like a band that probably found its way to the stage most of the time…'" [Billboard]

Judd Apatow says the Funny People DVD will have a ton of stand-up, "Every time we shot stand-up comedy, we shot their entire act… We brought in real audiences and shot with six cameras… we have all of that material to play with…” [MTV]

Meryl Streep wants to be on 30 Rock. I hope they can strike up a deal without Meryl Streep delivering her infamous catchphrase, "That's a dealbreaker, ladies!" [Google News]



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