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56018648David Wain shows us how to master the art of dating. [Asylum]

In the new episode of Man Style, Max and Gabe show us how children can be the greatest fashion accessory. They truly are our greatest national resource, second only to Ed Hardy T-shirts and Axe body spray. [Max Silvestri]

The Drunk Talk Show isn't a talk show, and no one is drunk, but it is very funny, and you should all be watching it. Preferably while drunk. [Drunk Talk Show]

There's going to be a Bazooka Joe movie. Predictably lazy film critics everywhere already wrote the headline for their scathing reviews, "Bazooka Joe Blows." [THR]

Marc Maron and Jim Gaffigan discuss comedy. [Comic Vs. Audience]

Michael and Michael have free audience tickets for their new show, Michael and Michael Have Issues. [Maximum Fun]

Joel McHale is going to stay on The Soup while starring in NBC's new sitcom Community. When they were handing out TV shows in heaven, Joel McHale must have gone back for seconds. That's how TV works, right? [Entertainment Weekly]

Reading Judah Friedlander's delicious-sounding food diary right before lunchtime is the closest thing we have to torture now that Obama outlawed waterboarding. [NY Magazine]

Punchline posted this video of Mike Birbiglia's stand-up set to animation. If cartoons can make nuclear holocaust fun, imagine what they can do for something that's already great. Click after the jump to watch the video.



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