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Before They Get Stale: Pete Correale, Andy Samberg and Bill Hader Barack Obama Magically Turns Homosexual's Concerns into Hilarious Joke
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From the Tosh.0 blog

Poor Afro-Ninja: Etched in annals of Internet lore for failing to perform a back-flip and plunging face-first into the ground. But behind the afro and numchucks and black track jacket lurks a man — a human being who deserves better than the cards millions of vid viewers have dealt him.

Here at Tosh.0, we offer the opportunity for those disgraced on the web to redeem themselves. Don't cry for Mark Allen Hicks (aka Afro-Ninja), a successful stuntman and actor: We found him and he's doing just fine. But more importantly, we offered him a chance to to finish that fateful flip.

Watch as we present Afro-Ninja's Web Redemption…

Tosh.0 premieres Thursday, June 4 at 10pm / 9c.



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