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RENO 911!'s Date a Cop: Raineesha Williams 5 Reasons Why Xzibit Wants You to Watch Tosh.0 Tonight
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16814642Sacha Baron Cohen is getting sued by an old lady for his over-the-top antics as Bruno. In other obvious news, the sun rose this morning, and it wasn't the dog that farted, it was you. [Fox News]

As soon as Jay Leno discovers Conan O'Brien's set has been getting attention for looking straight out of Super Mario World, he'll attempt to steal back some thunder by replacing Kevin Eubanks with Sonic the Hedgehog. [Serious Lunch]

Mike Drucker, a writer for The Onion, posted some of his rejected headlines. My personal fave: "Gender Inequality Solved In Five-Page, Double-Spaced Undergrad Paper." [Drucker Brothers]

Apparently, apes' laughter sounds very similar to our own, but this isn't proof of evolution. It's just God testing our faith. [National Geographic]

Not that we all needed more reasons to run to see The Hangover this weekend, but apparently the credits will include a [SPOILER ALERT] picture of Zach Galifianakis being blown by an old woman. [NY Mag]

You might think this picture of Tracy Morgan riding a bicycle is pretty crazy, but what you don't know is that he was doing the robot while riding the bike backwards. And he doesn't even know who's costume that is. Yes, he steals costumes. [Gawker]

The Hangover guys are interviewed yet again, and Ed Helms reveals his missing tooth was real, "It was really missing… Since I was 14, I've always had an implant… Cut to 20 years later, the movie is happening…" [USA Today]

Sara Benincasa interviews Donald Glover in a bath tub. They're just talking, and there's no nudity, but this is sexier than that scene in The English Patient. I'm still making English Patient references? Never forget, always remember. [Comics Comic]

Jim Gaffigan talks about his new white blond baby who, according to him, might be as pale as the comedian. Looks like the Pale Force found a new kid sidekick. [Wall Street Journal]

Bill Cosby talks about his friendly contests with George Carlin. You know, like on Seinfeld. [Comic's Comic]

I am going to pretend that the new Wainy Day's episode coming out on my birthday is intentional and that this is my present, directly from David Wain to me. I'm also going to pretend my parents love me and that I am a snowflake. Watch after the jump!



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