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The Best of Zach Galifianakis Bree Olson and Dave Attell – NSFW!
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57573510Jeffrey and Cole Casserole is a comedy show coming up on Logo set to premiere June 19 at 11 pm. Here are some preview clips. [Logo]

Danny McBride talks about his super villain movie, Hench, which may or may not star DC comics super hero Arm Fall Off Boy. With a saw and a prosthetic limb, I'm pretty sure I can attain the same super power myself. [Splash Page]

Todd Phillips talks about Mike Tyson in The Hangover, "And Mike, on the drop of a hat, turns to Zach and goes, 'Check this out! I’m getting boxing lessons from the captain of the Jewish debating team.'” [Movieline]

Derrick Comedy is relocating to L.A., and D.C. Pierson wrote a goodbye to us all in New York. We'll miss you guys! [D.C. Pierson]

Kasper Hauser's new comedy book, Obama's Blackberry, was confused for a real life hack of the president's phone by the Iranian media. Terrorists around the world are currently attempting to crack the code words, "brb," and ":-/" [Boing Boing]

Any list of the top 10 greatest science fiction movies that includes Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home deserves to be linked here. [io9]

Aziz Ansari is taping his new Comedy Central special, and he is giving away tickets for free! [Star Flower Entertainment]

Someone compiled a list of their favorite Zach Galifianakis moments, including a special pre-beard Zach performing a monologue for a bunch of pre-schoolers. [Dave and Thomas]



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