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Photos from the First Colbert Report in Iraq Sneak Peak at Tonight's Colbert Report
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55899151The Daily Show's Josh Gad talks about the differences between the chats and the field pieces, "That [field piece] process was a lot of fun for me, because I got to be very influential in the conception, execution, and editing." [The Apiary]

Bobb'e J. Thompson, from Human Giant and Role Models, wants a Bar Mitzvah so he can collect the gifts and cash. Little does he know he will also be gifted with horn-rimmed glasses and a neurotic demeanor. [Aziz is Bored]

Important breaking news! Zach Galifianakis' penis from The Hangover was a dildo, not his real penis. You can now return to your regularly scheduled link reading. [Cinema Blend]

Judd Apatow takes over for Amy Sedaris regular Believer advice column this month, presumably so she can take some time off to sew giant clothe vaginas. [The Believer]

Mike Birbiglia talks about himself talking about himself, "Sometimes I’ll say to my producer before I walk onstage… 'I'll see you in a couple hours. I’ve got to go talk about myself onstage for an hour and a half.'" [NY Mag]

The Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer may direct Jonah Hill's feature film screenplay. Although Justin Timberlake will not be credited, he will pop up in about 96% of the scenes. [/film]

Usually this site celebrates stand-up comedy in all it's forms, but, honestly, Glenn Beck should quit doing comedy and just stick to what he does best; calling Obama a socialist planning to imprison conservatives in cages made of hemp.  [NY Times]

Ken Jeong has quickly gone from upstanding member of the medical community to crazy comedic actor who ran around naked in The Hangover. Dreams do come true! [LA Times]

David Cross made an appearance in a UK Funny or Die video, representing America by eating a piece of a McDonald's bag. If he was a real American, he would have eaten the whole thing, plus the park bench they are sitting on. [Funny or Die UK]

Eugene Mirman's gives an amazing high school commencement speech, "The main difference for you, between life yesterday and life tomorrow, is you can go to the bathroom whenever you want… you’ve earned it!" Watch it after the jump.

[via Eugene Mirman]



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