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Photos from Colbert's Third Show in Iraq RENO 911!: Deputy Junior Fixes His Computer
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72729724Michael Winslow, The Human Foley from the Police Academy series, will be "scoring" silent films in LA theaters. [Boing Boing]

Zach Galifianakis talks to NPR about how he always knew he was going to be in the number-one movie. [NPR]

Daniel Tosh talks about the success of having a TV show, "It’s like, let’s get going; get me famous and then I can turn into an asshole. That’s kind of the game plan." [Punchline]

Rosie O'Donnell is set to star in a Broadway show called Babes in Arms. Rosie O'Donnel will play the part of Arms and the Babes will be played by a Subway meatball sandwich. [Variety]

Gabe and Jenny are interviewed just in time for the one year anniversary of their show, Big Terrific, which they co-host with Max Silvestri. Congrats, guys! [Gothamist]

Someday a network will buy my sitcom pilot, which is just thirty minutes of intro theme song credits followed by closing credits. Until then, you can watch this video over and over again for half an hour. [College Humor]

The world's first ever Twitter stand-up comedy show, wherein comedians tweeted their jokes in ten minute sets, was attended by six thousand people. I officially now have zero reason to leave my apartment. [Guardian]

Tina Fey on the differences between drama and comedy, "…The two always have to be blended… It just makes telling the jokes so much easier… There really almost isn't a division." [LA Times]

Chuck Nice was being totally Chuck Mean to Sarah Palin on the Today Show, saying she was "very much like herpes. She is not going away." [News Busters]

Comedian Heather Gold talks about having lunch with students after a college show, "I realized the table had theater people, gay kids, Jews, outsiders and geeks and realized 'my audience is the nerd table.'" [Examiner]

The Hangover was apparently based on a Hollywood producer's actual night out. Except in real life, the producer ended up selling the baby for a bag of cocaine. [Deadline Hollywood]

Remember Yo Teach!, Jason Schwartzman's fake show from Funny People? Well, Judd Apatow just released a new scene from it. Is it weird that I cried during this clip? Watch it after the jump.



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