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Even Rod Blagojevich Is Making Fun of Rod Blagojevich These Days Futurama Returning with New Episodes to Comedy Central
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From the Tosh.0 blog


Apparently, Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner joined Twitter about 18 hours ago (at least that is the time of his first ever post).

As of right now he's on post #6, which is exactly the number of posts it took him to realize that he doesn't need to sign-off each post with " – Hef".  We know it's you, Hef.  That's kind of the point of Twitter.  (And you only get 140 characters, use them wisely: Less about yourself, more about the girls.)

He submitted six posts in his first seven hours.  Somehow I doubt he'll keep that kind of stamina up.  They've yet to create a Viagra equivalent for Twitter (unless you count "teenage hormones").

But here's the question I pose: Who will be the person who joins Twitter who will officially cause it to "jump the shark"?  Or did someone already take that honor?  When an 83 year old man adopts the technology, the end of its hip-factor can't be far behind.

[via Buzzfeed]

(P.S.  I hate the phrase "jump the shark" – a phrase that has obviously jumped its own shark – but I also think "past its prime" is past its prime, and, after that, semantically, I have run out of ideas.)



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