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Photos from The Colbert's Report's Final Show in Iraq Man Proves Bikinis and Guns Are Sexy
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83546119ED067_Comedy_CentraIn exchange for shooting the amazing Daily Show field piece in the New York Times offices, Jason Jones was interviewed for their blog. This interview is basically the editors saying, "Hey, here's some free publicity for our skewering!" [NY Times]

Jack Black talks to Charlyne Yi about the first time he fell in love. The fact that he's sitting down during the interview is proof he doesn't need to constantly jump around karate kicking the air to keep himself from exploding. [AST]

Rooftop Comedy will be live streaming the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival over at Revision 3's website. Check out their schedule in the link. [Rooftop Comedy]

David Wain, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Ben Garant, Michael Showalter, and Michael Ian Black made a commercial for Game Boy back before it was discovered that portable video games gave you thumb cancer. [David Wain]

Todd Phillips on The Hangover's world-wide appeal, "[Old School] was about fraternities, which is a very American concept. But this movie is about getting drunk, having hangovers and doing Las Vegas — that makes total sense to everyone." [LA Times]

Harold Ramis talks about conservatives viewing Ghostbusters as a anti-liberal statement. It can easily be viewed as anti-conservative, as long as you imagine the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as Rush Limbaugh. [Spout]

There's apparently some new late night wars going on, with Letterman beating Conan, then Conan beating Letterman. Similarly, Carson Daly is waging his own war against ExtenZe infomercials. [Variety, TV Week]

Sierra Mist, the number-one go-to corporation for comedy, created some comedy videos, and they are funny! My favorite is Julie Klausner's, which is the last one on the list. [Comic's Comic]

Jim Breuer talks about taking some time off to be with his family, "I wasn't ready to move to Hollywood… I don't think I was ready to start buying leather pants and exotic animals." [Connecticut Post]

Having Zach Galifianakis perform segments on episodes of Tim and Eric is kind of like creaming coffee with red bull. Watching all of his clips from the show is like injecting that coffee concoction straight into your veins. [Adult Swim]



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