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Breakfast with Wilmore Before They Get Stale: Sacha Baron Cohen, Jack McBrayer, Will Arnett
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sketchfestSo this past weekend, Sketchfest New York took place, and it was amazing. The event was held at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater, running from Thursday through Saturday. Over the course of those three days, over twenty shows were held, involving over 27 sketch groups and performers. It was really great fun!

I've been struggling how to write a post about all the weird, different, interesting, hilarious, and mind blowing shows I saw without it sounding like a very long rant. It's literally too much show for too little post!

If you missed it, official Sketchfest photographer Tracey B. Wilson (i.e. not me and my crappy cellphone camera) took pictures of the entire event and was nice enough to share them with us. So now you can experience the joy, the magic and the fun, while not actually experiencing any real joy, magic or fun. That's what the future is all about!

One of the biggest shows of the entire event was Kevin McDonald's one man show, Hammy & the Kids. It was surprisingly personal. For example, did you know his father was a raging alcoholic who never approved of McDonald and his career with The Kids in the Hall? The more you know!


Continue after the jump for the rest of my report from Sketchfest New York 2009.

[Photos via T. Wilson Photography]

Kristen Schaal performed solo. Apparently Kurt Braunohler was being Braun-AWOL-er (sorry!). She was really funny though! First, she came on stage dressed in red show dress, and performed a fun dance for us.


When she caught an audience member taking video of her dance with his digital camera, she called him up on stage, reprimanded him, made him dress up in an orange jumpsuit and forced him to carry her around to Britney Spears's "Toxic"… sometime during this routine it dawned on me that the poor gentlemen was actually a staged performer and not a real hapless victim of Schaal's absurd whims.


Team Submarine came out, throwing hard candy into the audience (it kind of hurt when it hit me. I'm going to sue for millions!), and then they dug into their bag and started giving out free bread, but they didn't stop there. They gave out bananas, potatoes, TiVo's, a laptop, a bicycle, a ladder, and skis as presents to the confused and excited audience.


After they gave everything out, they paused for a second, looked out at the audience, and promptly asked for all the items back. GENIUS! At least one banana was not returned, but it's okay, because apparently they got on extra potato back, so it evened out.

Rue Brutaglia was really funny. Piggyback rides are always hilarious.


Harvard Sailing Team was there. They sang some songs and performed some sketches. The best was when they mimed the instruments to the Home Improvement theme song.


Pangea 3000 ordered some ribs and ate them on stage in front of us.


They then ended their show with a rocking live song. Our very own Eric March tickled the ivories during their performance!


The Apple Sisters wore watermelons as fashion accessories. I just realized how insane all of this sounds out of context. It was pretty insane in context too.


And finally, The 3rd Floor murdered somebody.


So, basically, in conclusion, I had tons of funs and LOL'd all night along. If you didn't attend Sketchfest, I am going to pray that you don't kick yourself too hard and too fast, thereby causing your foot to explode. You're going to need that foot for walking to Sketchfest next year.

Thanks to Tracy B. Wilson for letting us use her great photos for this post! You're the best!



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