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Bruno Bin Habst Ein Digg Dialogg Al Franken's Years of Experience Have More Than Adequately Prepared Him for the Job of Being a Senator
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56824726Jerry Lewis will be directing a Broadway musical based on his classic comedy The Nutty Professor. In related news, French people now think Broadway musicals are a great underrated art form akin to Buster Keaton's finest oeuvre. [Playbill]

For some insane reason, school officials objected to Bruno's sexy photo shoot with high school football players, when really they should just be grateful that he didn't dildo fight them. [LA Times]

The peeps over at Comical Radio launched a web-series. JB Smoove and Dave Attell guest star in the first episode! YAY for things. [Punchline]

Lewis Black, D.L. Hughley, Larry Wilmore, and former White House press secretary Dana Perino will co-host a live talk show in Aspen. It is called The News Has No Clothes, which is appropriate because no one will be wearing pants. [Reuters]

Billy Mays apparently was on The Tonight Show last week. Never thought I'd feel nostalgic for a man that made my parents spend twenty dollars on a paper towel you don't throw away. [BWE]

The guy who created My Name is Earl is already working on a pilot for Fox about a twenty-five-year-old who fathers a child during a one-night stand with a woman on death-row for murder. Basically a show all of America can relate to. [Entertainment Weekly]

The Hangover guys and gal are sold a Las Vegas variety show by a guy who is dressed like a prostitute's sofa. [Maximum Fun]

Two artists conducted a scientific experiment, putting out a call for drawings of Bill Cosby to see how many people associated the man with sweaters and pudding. [The Drawings, The Final Results]

Jody Hill talks about season two of Eastbound and Down, "Man, I wish I could tell you about season two, but you’re going to really like it because it’s going to be darker." [/film]



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