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Jon Stewart's Best Comedian Interviews This Wednesday at Crash Mansion: The Vassar Brew Ha Ha
by | comments:

The trailer for Patton Oswalt's new movie Big Fan came out, and it looks like a real laugh 'em up of epic proportions. Especially that joke about how life is really hard and confusing, and how when we invest too deeply in our obsessions, we lose focus on ourselves, circling the drainpipe of depression, and making erratic decisions which will haunt us forever. Really funny stuff!

Okay, so this a serious movie with serious things happening in it. Just because we're a comedy blog doesn't mean we can't appreciate a great drama written and directed by Robert Seigel, former editor for The Onion and screenwriter of The Wrestler. That film brought me to the verge of feeling emotions. And I'm a robot. A robot created only to write blog posts. BTW, what is love?

Anyway, even if I wasn't programmed to love Patton Oswalt, I would have to admit that he looks amazing in this film. I give him 1011101000100111000 stars (robot humor!).



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