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Colbert: How Do Poets Make Money? Auto-Tune Your Kid
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78087194FB063_Premiere_Of_OFinesse Mitchell, Geoff Keith, and Cristela Alonzo will be performing their show Aces of Comedy on July 16th at the Morongo Casino in Cabezon, California. If you live in the area, be sure to check it out. [Aces of Comedy]

Sarah Silverman mentions in an interview that she wants to adopt a child someday. Can I put my name down on the list? My real mom doesn't make enough holocaust jokes. [Now Magazine]

No Fact Zone brings us two bits of news that trickled out from Stephen Colbert's trip to Iraq. First, there's a radio interview with him about the trip, and second, some footage of Colbert during the show's rehearsal. [Radio Interview, Rehearsal Clips]

Stephen Colbert is set to give the commencement speech at infamous party school Arizona State University's graduation. Good thing he already knows how to shotgun a beer. [Phoenix New Times]

The amazing Julie Klausner has a new book titled I Don't Care About Your Band, and it's already available for pre-order on Amazon. [All That Klausner]

John Oliver spoke at the Campus Progress conference and expressed surprise that Daily Show correspondents gets press credentials to political events, stating, "We act like naughty children." [Washington Times]

Jody Hill talks about his style behind Foot Fist Way, Observe and Report and Eastbound and Down, "…everything I’ve done so far, I wanted it to have a sort of punk rock energy to it… I’ve wanted it to have an unprofessional vibe…" [/film]

Funny People just got a new red-band trailer. I'm sure most of our readers are already planning on seeing the hell out of this movie, but if you are not, I hope a trailer with a few curse words in it changes your mind. [/film]

Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter admit to being uneasy having The State released on DVD because they can't stand watching their older work. Someone should call them and tell them The State is awesome so they can feel better. [NY Times]

The Office's Jenna Fischer got engaged to screenwriter Lee Kirk. The timing is perfect because after years of wondering will they or won't they, most of us were just hoping for more Creed-based story lines.  [Associated Press]

I never expected David Cross to play a convincing Virgin Mary, but in this clip from Passion of the Christ 2: Revenge of the Fallen, he does a hell of a job. Watch it after the jump.



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