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Todd Glass: Thin Pig Thursday's Web Redemption – Best Man Fail
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57164069Aziz Ansari and Jason Woliner just released the second part of the RAAAAAAAANDY documentary. When is America going to get a Randy movie already? Watch the video after the jump.

Tim Meadows claims the Talking Heads inspired him to become a comedian. The only thing the Talking Heads ever inspired me to become was an insufferable freshmen who tried to talk to girls by name dropping their albums. [Digital Journal]

Now that Mystery Team is coming out to theaters, it's got an official green band trailer. [/film]

Elna Baker is a Mormon stand-up comedian living in New York. Normally, Mormonism and big city stand-up comedy don't mix, but she's funny and she seems cool. [Punchline]

The Hangover broke the record for highest grossing R movie, beating out Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop. At least Murphy still holds the records for most fart jokes in a single scene for every scene in both The Nutty Professor films. [Variety]

In this video interview, Nick Thune talks to Martha Kelly about hot dogs, which are the best food in the world. [Cap City Comedy]

Don't you wish you had some colorful animated images to go with your Mike Birbiglia stand-up? Well, now you do. [Huffington Post]

Jim Breuer talks to Punchline about his new special Let's Clear the Air premiering on Comedy Central Saturday, July 25 at 11:00 pm / 10c. [Punchline]

The New York Times wrote an awesome behind the scenes look of The Daily Show. [NY Times]

Comedians Ted Alexandro, Dave Siegel, and Jay Larson are in this video together. [Punchline]

If I had more money, I would definitely buy these Ghostbusters shoes. And then, if I had any money left over, I would consider paying my overdue electric bill. [The Daily What]



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