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16628221Seth Rogen farts on planes. [MTV Movies]

Michael and Michael debate pork barrel spending. I know this is controversial, but personally, I don't believe we should be storing our pork in barrels now that we've invented Tupperware. [Entertainment Weekly]

It's Gary Shandling's Show is out on DVD. I wish I had watched the cult show when it originally aired, but I was too busy learning how to not poop my pants. [A.V. Club]

Some wonderful nerd recreated all of the New Zealand tourism posters from Flight of the Conchords. Thank you, wonderful nerd! [Flickr]

Paul Rieckhoff of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America started a campaign to make Stephen Colbert an honorary veteran. Sign the petition here. [Air Force Times]

Since Fred Armisen is going to be on Fallon tonight, the Late Night blog compiled a list of SNL's best Armisen moments. [LNWJF]

Just read this, "with Barack Obama gearing up for his fourth primetime news conference… a survey… found that 62% of viewers would rather watch programs such as So You Think You Can Dance or Wipeout than the president." AMERICA! [The Live Feed]



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