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by | comments:

For the past few months, Jimmy Fallon has been lobbying the cast of Saved By The Bell to reunite on his show. Thus far, Zach Morris, Mr. Belding, A.C. Slater, Jessie Spano and Lisa Turtle have all signed on. I assumed Dustin Diamond hadn't come on board because he didn't want to distract anyone from his illustrious career making gross porn. But I couldn't figure out why Tiffani Thiessen hasn't jumped on the bandwagon yet. Mystery solved!

Now, that that's settled, let's figure out why Tiffani Thiessen dropped the Amber from her name. Does she hate her mother? Probably! Either way, it looks like Jimmy Fallon isn't going to get his reunion anytime soon.

A few years back, I caught part of a really bad movie starring Thiessen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas and for some reason that seems relevant. Probably because Thiessen's willing to be in a movie with J.T.T. but isn't interested in making an appearance on a national network talk show. Or maybe I'm just wondering who's in charge of the Man of the House reunion. Get on it, Craig Ferguson.

[Update: WTF?!]



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