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Michael and Michael Have Extra Farts California's Financial Troubles, Just Like All the World's Problems, Can Be Solved with Hollywood's Movie Magic
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Picture 5Oh, Twitter, fill thine horn with Sarah Palin, and let me suckle at your tweets!

Forgive me for waxing poetic but I'm suddenly filled with… with… with… RAINBOWS and… and… and…TROUT… after listening, nay, experiencing Bill Shatner's reading of Sarah Palin's recent twitterings.

If you haven't heard, the now former governor of Alaska has promised to keep in touch with America through her often misunderstood ramblings, which Conan O'Brien has thankfully deciphered as pure poetry–pure, because we didn't get it at first. So watch, listen, and feel alive, because Twitter finally makes sense to us, and Sarah Palin made it so.

-Rocktern Jae Choe



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