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57991301Are you guys super excited for The Roast of Joan Rivers but wish there was a Twitter component to it? You love Twitter so much, you want to be tweeting even while you're experiencing the joy and magic of television? I think you might be a Twitter addict and need some Twitter help, but helping an addict is hard, so instead we're just going to enable you.

This Sunday night, the hilarious Max Silvestri (here's his personal Twitter account) will be live-tweeting The Roast of Joan Rivers. In other words, he's going to be watching the broadcast on his television while tweeting on his computer.

We are calling this special event The Twoast of @Joan_Rivers, and you should all twarticipate (participate) in all the twun (fun) we're going to twave (have).

Max will be tweeting through the CCInsider twitter account and the ComedyCentral twitter account. We're going to be hash tagging the tweets #roast, so include the tag at the end of your tweets to participate.

If we deem your tweet worthy, we'll reward you by retweeting your best tweets throughout the night. You'd be a fool not to join in on the tweeting twania (mania)!

The Twoast of @Joan_Rivers kicks off this Sunday, August 9 at 9pm / 8c, and The Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers begins at 10pm / 9c. Let's go, ya'll!!!!!



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