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Todd Barry Kills It On Letterman Follow Dick Cheney's Magical Torture Adventure with The Daily Show and Colbert Report
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Ask what the difference is between rap and hip-hop, and you always get a lot of different answers. Rap has seeds. Hip-hop has a narrower, pointier snout. Rap can prescribe medicine. Hip hop grows from the floor, rap grows from the ceiling. I'll probably never figure it out, but I can tell the difference between funny and not funny, and these hip-hop-themed Chappelle's Show clips are the first one.

Wu-Tang Financial

A Moment in the Life of Lil Jon: Oprah

Roca Pads

Tupac Is Still Alive

Redman Potty Fresh

A Moment in the Life of Lil Jon: Injury

Ying Yang Twins on MTV Cribs

Hip-Hop News: Wu-Tang Torture

Lil Jon in Love



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