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Before They Get Stale: Tina Fey, David Wain and Jon Stewart RIP Legendary Comedy Writer Larry Gelbart
by | comments:

Whether or not you thought last night's stage-storming by Kanye West was a planned publicity stunt or simply an accidental publicity stunt, you've got to agree that it's spawned a pretty hilarious meme. By now, you've no doubt seen this video that was uploaded to YouTube within about an hour of the VMAs. Soon the internet will be parodying things that haven't even happened yet.

Others have followed in the hours since, and I'm sure many more are–MATT, I'M REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU, I'M GONNA LET YOU FINISH, BUT BEYONCE HAD ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!

This one comes from

kanye moon

And this one's a meme hybrid from the anonymous little monsters at 4chan:

kanye xzibit

And finally, this is one I made:


If you see any other good ones, be sure to drop them in the comments. And for more Kanye, check out Colbert's Best Kanye West Moments.



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