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Matt McCarthy, Pete Holmes and Oren Brimer Unearth Mysterious Lost Doritos Spots Chicken DcNugget
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57868595Eric Idle responds to internet comments. Unfortunately, he didn't answer my question, "How is babby formed?" [YouTube]

Former Colbert Report show runner Allison Silverman is developing a new show for Lorne Michaels. It's good to see networks are trying this controversial new "hiring talented people" strategy. [Variety]

Alexander Graham Bell struggled over when to call Watson back after the first phone call. I guess he hadn't seen that scene from Swingers yet, which is weird, because it feels like that movie came out way before the invention of the telephone. [BWE]

God's Pottery
try to teach John Roberts a lesson, but they end up learning a thing or two along the way themselves. [Funny or Die]

David Cross on the differences between stand-up and humor writing, "I’ve never met somebody who sat down and just wrote jokes… But it was nice to be able to have the idea written down on a piece of paper and be able to edit it…" [Dead Frog]

Aziz Ansari says, "It seems like Randy material would be easy to write a bunch of, but it’s actually really hard, because, thank God, I don't think about the things the way Randy does." [DCist]

Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon had a stroller derby, racing baby strollers filled with water balloon babies. So that is a thing that happened now. [LNWJF]

Jim Breuer is developing a family sitcom for NBC. Hopefully it'll be called According to Goatboy (alternate: Two and a Half Goatmen). [Variety]

Natasha Leggero basically sums up why I moved from my home state of Florida, "I think how tan a person is, is directly proportionate to how dumb they are." [Zoiks]

Aziz Ansari talks about the difference between his acting and stand-up work, "It's the same kind of smart humor and it's not watered down, so in that way, it's similar." [Express Night Out]

Dan Harmon talks about the setting for his NBC show Community, "I continually compare it to Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Its ambition exceeds its grasp. And therefore, it is heroic.’’ [Boston]

Megan Fox and Andy Samberg are in these teaser spots for the season premiere of SNL. The sandwich Megan Fox eats is made from the corpses of former SNL hosts. Please don't get eaten, Andy Samberg! [The Live Feed]



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