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Before They Get Stale: Eric Idle, Allison Silverman and Jim Breuer NYCF Night on Friday Night Stand-Up
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From the Tosh.0 blog

Picture 2

Were you in the market to buy a penis-shaped Chicken McNugget? If you were, you're in luck — Ebay's got one!

Oh, internet. Why do you allow us to spend more money while also making us more stupid, and all along the way you grow bigger and stronger?

I want to buy this DcNugget. For no reason other than to have a DcNugget.  You guys understand, right?  You probably want to make a bid on the DcNugget too.  After all, you're reading this blog on the internet about a show on television about the internet; so you must be hooked.

Now all that's left is to find out who's gonna win this DcNugget!  I feel dumber already, but man am I excited.

[via Urlesque]



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