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Colbert's Best Don't Ask, Don't Tell Moments The Daily Show's Bro-iest Bro Moments, Broseph
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david alan grier barack like meBarack Like Me: The Chocolate-Covered Truth, the new book from the great David Alan Grier, hits stores tomorrow, and DAG himself was nice enough to answer my dumb questions about future Presidents, other Davids Alan Grier and next year's 20th anniversary of In Living Color.

Who would you like to play you in the movie version of Barack Like Me?

I would want me to play me in the movie version of "Barack Like Me" because I am my biggest fan.

Now that you've crossed books, TV, movies, radio and dance off the list, which medium will you conquer next?

There is only one medium I have yet to conquer… That would be TV…  IE: a successful show running on Comedy Central, of course…

Who do you think will be our second black President?

Much like the best leading actor in a film category, I think it will be a while until there is another Black president, regardless of how things turn out.

Are you aware that there's another author named David Alan Grier who wrote 2007's When Computers Were Human? Do you think you could take him in a fight using only your respective books as weapons?

Not only am I aware that there is another David Alan Grier who is an author, but I have met him… And he and I share the same birthday, only he's one year older than me, thus the discrepancy in my reported age. He was born and raised in Detroit, just like me, and his father's name is Bill just like mine… AND, his father had an office on the same street in Detroit as my father… Go figure!

The 20th anniversary of In Living Color is approaching. Are there any plans for a reunion?




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