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David Cross Performs Sans Squagels and Previews His New BBC Pilot David Cross on AD Movie Plot: It's Just Perfect
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58568658Chris Rock will star in Will You be My Black Friend?, a film co-produced by Oprah's film company. The entire cast and crew will be payed in unwanted copies of A Million Little Pieces. [Reuters]

Chris Rock
keeps at the top of his game by remaining cautiously pessimistic, "You're never going to accomplish anything unless you know how bad it could be…" [Chicago Tribune]

The Ed Hardy Boyz are hard at work solving the mystery of the missing sick belt buckle. [Funny or Die]

Russell Brand kissed Katy Perry, and he liked it. [Telegraph]

Here's a list of the ten ways Monty Python changed comedy. [MSNBC]

Jemaine Clement talks about how New Zealand is different from American, "The main difference is that there’s one comedy club in the whole country. And it’s not even in the town where I live." [Texas Travesty]

Eugene Mirman's new album God Is a Twelve-Year Old Boy with Asperger's is out today! Here's an interview with Mirman. [Village Voice]

Paul Scheer has some tips for the town hall protesters. First they get all that help from Fox News and now Paul Scheer? Lucky ducks! [Funny or Die]

Are you a huge Reno 911 fan? Well, now you can own a pair of Lieutenant Dangle's shorts. And it's for charity, so you can pretend like you are a good person while you're at it.  [MSNBC]

Steve Martin talks about the differences between performing music and performing stand-up comedy, "If I were performing comedy on this tour, I mean exclusively, I would be much more nervous than I am."  [Punchline]

The Simpsons is being honored by the Paley Center for Media. It is now official. The Simpsons has won every award ever. [Variety]

Tig Notaro talks about how she doesn't really have an on-stage personality, "I mean, you’re not going to meet me offstage and be like, ‘Oh, that was weird. Where did the Tig character go?’" [Punchline]



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