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Twhat Are Tweople Tweeting Twabout Secret Girlfriend? South Park's Best Musical Moments
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From the Tosh.0 blog

Picture 3

Wow, I really thought once we all joined Twitter it was going to be the end of any meaningful existence, but I'm taking that back. The end of everything meaningful is; a site where you tell people how f'ing awesome you are.

"Because now, every time you do something good, the world can tell you how much it’s worth. And your Fucking Awesome deeds can affect your very own Awesome Quotient."

So it's like Twitter but encouraging people to be even more obnoxious and self-indulgent, then letting them VOTE on it.

Ugh, I'm nauseous.  The only thing that could distrub me more than seeing this site is seeing it succeed.  So how about you guys 'be f'ing awesome' like me and refuse to join it!  Awesome.



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