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Before They Get Stale: Stephen Colbert, Chris Rock and Conan O'Brien It Can Get Worse
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secret girlfriendIn the olden days, when you wanted to gauge public opinion about an issue, you'd take a poll or let some blood. But it's the future. We've got robots and snuggies now, and when we want to know what the world thinks, we check Twitter. So what are people saying about Secret Girlfriend just hours before its series premiere tonight at 10:30pm / 9:30c?

@Dipsyet: Can't wait to watch Secret Girlfriend!

@DavidSuarez: "Which one of you ladies wants to piss off your dad?" I can't wait to see "Secret Girlfriend" after the Dodgers game tomorrow.

@greenlightad: Secret Girlfriend premieres tonight on comedy central @ 10:30! Seems funny and has a unique filming style.

@Philly_O: so, I had no idea what secret girlfriend was about, but now that I know a little more about it, think i might like it.

Meanwhile, there was a screening of the premiere last night, and our intern Elizabeth was there. You can read her recap of the event after the jump.

Secret Girlfriend premieres tonight at 10:30pm / 9:30c, right after an all-new South Park.

Unless you don’t own a TV, don’t use the internet, don’t ride the subway and don’t intern for an affiliate of MTV Networks, you surely know that Secret Girlfriend premieres tonight on Comedy Central.

As one of the lucky few who doesn’t get paid to work at Comedy Central Insider, I had the privilege of being the site’s emissary to a special screening of the premiere last night at Professor Thom’s. I don’t mind telling you, this was a big moment for me—intern’s big night out, got to wear the professional pants.

It was a delightful affair, resplendent with mozzarella sticks, quesadillas and miniature hamburgers. And did I mention the mozzarella sticks? Like sunshine in my mouth. There was also booze, the legal acquisition of which is still novel for me (Twenty-one! Yeah! How do you like me now?)

And the show! Right! There was also that. Everyone in the bar thoroughly enjoyed themselves for twenty-two minutes before re-engaging with their appetizers. Especially that one guy who kept laughing loudly at inappropriate moments, like the blue screen before it started.

I would gauge the audience’s amiable laughter to be due in equal parts to Secret Girlfriend, miniature hamburgers and alcohol.

An auspicious start for Secret Girlfriend, I do believe.

-Intern Elizabeth Erickson



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