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The Daily Show on the Hip Hop Recession Before They Get Stale: Stephen Colbert, Chris Rock and Conan O'Brien
by | comments:

57077683Sure, you enjoy Tracy Morgan's stand-up and watch him on 30 Rock, but do you follow him on Twitter? No. You don't. Because, apparently, Mr. Morgan is not on Twitter and isn't interested in telling you what's on his mind grapes. But now, one website is setting out to change all that:, a new website launched today, has one simple mission in this very complicated world: To get OUR FAVORITE GENIUS and HIP-HOP HONORS HOST Tracy Morgan to join Twitter.

Finally, someone is putting the internet to good use. Sure, petitions for Darfur were okay. I guess. But now, we can use the web for change we all need. Together, with, we can harass one of TV's shiniest stars into giving us 140 characters of love, comedy and wisdom.

So please take a moment, won't you, and join in the good fight. Don't worry, babies will still be starving when you get back.

Tracy Morgan will be performing at next month's New York Comedy Festival.



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