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Judah Friedlander Introduces's Open Mic Challenge: Scary S**t Tosh.0's Best Web Redemptions
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72729760In the future, everything will be made into a movie. Movie producers will sift through ancient blog posts and tweets and be like, "Adam Eats Breakfast: The Movie! Get me Stephen Speil-bot on the space-phone!" For now though, Hollywood is simply remaking and reviving old franchises. Which brings us to this…

Vacation, a franchise as dead as Aunt Edna, is being dug up from it's grave.

New Line is going on a Vacation. The Warner Bros. division is developing a sequel of sorts to the 1983 comedy classic…

The story focuses on Rusty Griswold, the son of Clark Griswold, the protagonist of the initial movies and portrayed by Chevy Chase. Rusty, now a father himself, takes his family on a road trip vacation.

Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, who played the mom in the original movies, will have room to make appearances as grandparents, providing a sense of continuity, though no deals are in place.

Before we all engage in our knee-jerk "Hollywood is doing things?! WTF! Stop screwing my childhood!" reactions, there seems to be a glimmer of hope with this specific bit of news.

New Line is taking meetings with writers this week, hoping to make a movie that skews more toward Planes, Trains and Automobiles or Little Miss Sunshine than RV or Are We There Yet?

Let's just hope Anthony Michael Hall isn't too busy!



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